Festival rules

Marafiki Festival is a safe and sound festival it is for friendship and celebrating our artists, celebrating our culture, and having fun. We are doing our best to keep you safe and secure, to make your festival truly an experience. Various security and safety measures will be put in place, including a First Aid facility, in close collaboration with various partners and relevant authorities.

But we ask you to take care of yourselves, each other. We have therefore some important rules for our visitors to follow.


  • Your advance tickets and your valid ID!

We will be using a new check-in and payment system whereby every visitor will need to present a valid ID for identification and registration to get your Marafiki Festival Card. 

  • Closed shoes, sandals/flip flops
  • mosquito repellent


A bad mood!

  • Pets: sorry but we cannot allow your furry friends!
  • Professional equipment (incl. drones): only for those with media accreditation!
  • Drinks: no drinks (incl. water) can be brought to the festival location – drinks are available on location at regular prices!
  • Other liquids: no liquids with the exception of refills for e-cigarettes.
  • Cigarettes: for as long as not brought in commercial quantity.
  • Food: no food is allowed in as there will be plenty of food options at regular prices!
  • Gas heaters/containers: no cooking is allowed on the island!
  • Large bags/ruck sags (if not camping): please avoid!
  • Sound systems/generators: since there will be an abundance of sound already!
  • Valuables: although we provide security and safety, kindly leave your valuables at home!
  • Illegal drugs and stimulants: strictly forbidden!
  • Weapons: strictly forbidden!
  • Glass, cans, sharp and other dangerous objects: not allowed!

Please keep in mind that our security check before entering the festival will take everything that we consider dangerous to our visitors. Such objects must be handed in at the entrance. There are no facilities for keeping objects in custody. In case of illegal objects the required authorities will be involved.


 We value a culture of mutual respect and respect for the environment. The following things are therefore to note:

  • Fire: to protect the environment at Posta Kijitonyama open fire is not allowed!
  • Waste: to keep the location wonderful we request you to keep the location clean by participating in waste collection and recycling!
  • Trade: it is not allowed to sell products without having been explicitly registered as a vendor by the organization – handing out flyers without the explicit permission of the organization is also forbidden.
  • Sexual violence/intimidation: is not in any way tolerated. Please report any case to the First Aid facility and the organization!

We are positive that you understand these guidelines and rules as part of a mutual cooperation