Volunteers needed.

Marafiki Festival believes in learning and developing skills and gaining experience is at the core of its organisational values. It therefore offers opportunities to interested candidates to interns (long-term assignments) and volunteers (short-term assignment for the duration of an event or activity) to bring their energy and passion to Marafiki and receive relevant skills and experience in return.

If you are interested in helping us out with the organising and running of the festival and being part of the Marafiki’s family, Fill out below form.



  • Stage and Backstage management volunteers will assist the main stage and auditorium stage managers
  • Make sure Backstage is only accessed by programmed artists and guests that are allowed (With Badges)
  • Assist with technical minor problems as well as keeping the area in order after every performance and presentation
  • Will be working closely with main stage managers who will supervise and guide you


  • Volunteers will be assisting at the gate of the Marafiki festival, responsible for collecting the entrance fee, and counting those enters
  • Must be security conscious, have customer service skills, and a killing smile
  • You will work in shifts and be supervised and guided by the head of administration


  • Will assist in hosting the various media that visit the Marafiki Music Festival
  • Will answer the questions about the festival, arrange for artists after stage performance interviews
  • Social Media volunteers will be responsible for publicity and updating the various social media real time
  • Excellent writing skills, knowledge about Facebook features, twitter, blogging and photography
  • Will supervised by the Media Coordinator


  • Volunteers will be helping with the setup and smooth running of all the scheduled workshops and conferences prior and during the festival
  • Will be responsible for creating signs, setting up registration areas, and distributing workshops/conferences materials
  • Will be supervised by the Workshops/conferences coordinator


  • Volunteers will assist in providing information about the festival and its program me
  • Responsible for the dissemination of information and selling of festival and organization products
  • Will direct the audience to the right places and assist the festival crew members in allocating any team mates
  • Must be having all the information about the organization and the festival at your fingertips


  • Volunteers will assist in making sure that the exhibition at the festival grounds are well organized
  • Responsible for checking if the payments have been done correctly, provide them with the badges and other information
  • Must be good humored and patient with customer skills services


  • Volunteers will be responsible for assisting the guests and visiting artists, making sure that they are picked up on time.
  • Required to be on time especially when picking guests from Airports, Ferries or Bus
  • Also be on time on Sound check schedules, and performance timing stands
  • You will be supervised by the Head of Logistics


  • Volunteers will be assisting in carrying out impact assessments of the Marafiki Music Festival
  • The survey forms will be handled to them to collect relevant information and data required for the assessment.
  • Will be responsible for checking the forms, put them in order, ensure that the audience are providing the clear information and completed.
  • Must be well organized, patient and good humored, customer-service oriented individual and will be supervised and guided by the Coordinator