Anna Kattoa is a great dynamical Musician having a great skill on-stage performance with live band and solo. Her Music journey was motivated by her great grandfather who was a kalimba player and singer. She has unique music taste as she fused traditional music with Afro Pop Afro, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Taarab and that’s where” BANTU SOUND” was born. Her music mostly focuses on creating awareness on different community issues, lately, she released her song “TIKISIKO” emphasize COVID 19 issue, also she has been collaborating with other musicians such as Msafiri Zawose on other song campaigns such as World cleaners Day, Early pregnancy campaign, Environment Preservation, etc. She has been performing in Events festivals, such as Goethe institute Tanzania, Marahaba festival, Karibu music fest, and DCMA music school in Zanzibar.