He is talented Tanzanian musician, live performer and leading singer at Hilary More band and Cocodo band. Hillary’s music is one of its kinds due to his style of using dishware, intuiting animals’ voices along with drums sounds by his mouth and cheeks. Hilary’s Music is further identified by his passion for performing with his traditional music instrument known as calabash whenever he is on stage. He has several achievements in his music career such as his album Vanilla released in 2016 and sold in Belgium, his song under Cocodo band selected on Kili music award (2014), Two of his songs Gwemwana mambo and Mboni become soundtracks of Sunshine movie which was produced by Collaboration of people from Tanzanians and USA (2016)etc. Hillary More performed at different festivals such as Milano-expo (2015), Sauti za Busara (2015-2017), ZIFF (2012 to 2015), Bagamoyo festivals (2011 – 2017), EU development conference (2016), World Music Dar, Karibu festival (2016), Marahaba festivals (2017), Doadoa festivals (2016).