Is a reggae-afro-fusion artist from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Kifimbo sings about real life: peace, love, happiness and also the struggles of life. His music is all about igniting the flame in the hearts of the audience. Dance rhythms, memorable melodies, and lyrics with a message are the key ingredients of his music that stylistically combines elements of reggae, afro-pop, and traditional Tanzanian rhythms. Besides being a reggae artist, Kifimbo is a master of Tanzanian traditional dance and drumming. He utilizes the skill and knowledge of the local cultural heritage as a great inspiration for his original music, fusing rhythms of the Zaramo, Makonde, Ngoni, Sindimba, Mangaka, Chikocha, Msewe etc. Kifimbo released his first full-length album, Mwana Mkala, in 2020. Album was made with Kifimbo’s intense 7-piece live band in collaboration with the Finnish rock’n’roll musician Baby Pelkonen.